Tuesday, March 1, 2016


We love to laugh in our family.  Hugs are generous and clean jokes are plenty.  
One morning, on his way out the door to catch the school bus, my son hugged me and began to descend the stairs.
A voice from the back bedroom shouted, 

Don't I get a hug?  What am I chopped liver?  
My son ran into the arms of his dad and we all laughed.
  Whenever someone feels slighted or left out in our family we jokingly say,
What am I chopped Liver?

  One morning I was pleading with God to send someone to help me write my book.  
As a new writer, I lack many skills. 
 Various names swirled through my head as I prayed.
  I sat in silence waiting to hear from the Lord.
Again I asked, 
Lord, is there someone who can help me write this book?
I listened intently; then the  Holy Spirit echoed in my head, 
What am I Chopped liver?
God and I had a laugh together.   
My Heavenly Father is always there to help me; to teach me and guide me.
Do you need Gods help today?
Just ask Him.
In Gods eyes, you're not chopped liver. (Click to Tweet)