Thursday, January 8, 2015


I am a rebel at heart. 
I don’t want to live an ordinary life.  
I want excitement.  I want to challenge mediocrity.
 I was never one to jump on every Christian bandwagon and read what everyone else is reading, pray what everyone else is praying or listening to the same teachers. 

My rebellion is against the mundane everyday expectations of a believer. 
The ritualistic events required of every Christian.   Is that bad? I don't know.  I do know this; I want to listen to the Spirit and do what He tells me to do. Not what everyone else expects of me.
 I want every Word of the Bible to come alive in my heart. To live a life so dedicated to my Savior that every day is an adventure.   
I am not saying what other Christians are doing is bad, indifferent or wrong; I am not saying that I am any better than my brothers and sister. 
 God knows that my rebellion is not against Him or His Word. He knows that I want to see the manifestation of His Glory in EVERYTHING!

I want to be available for the Spirit to move and teach me in such a way that, if I were with the crowd, I might have missed the divine adventure He has waiting for me.  

 I may miss God whispering, “I love you”, as I stop to look at a sunset instead hurrying about my life.   You may be saying, “Cherrilynn that cannot happen.  You are living in spiritual dream bubble.”    I understand how you feel.   I once felt the same way.   Let me explain what I mean.  

  I do not expect my dishes to glow with the Holy Spirit Power when I wash them,   or expect to have Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus playing in my head all the time.   My adventure is seeing things through the eyes of my Lord.  It is that wonderful knowledge of knowing that I am His Child and I can boldly go into His throne room and ask anything in accordance to His good pleasing and perfect will, while washing dishes, driving or even while Speaking to a group of women.   Knowing that the King of the Universe wants to commune with me all day every day and at any time of day. 

  “The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children.” Romans 8:16

It is in that quiet knowing that God and I are communicating all day long.  I can talk to Him about the woman standing in back of me in the grocery line. The one who looks so broken and sad.  I can ask my Lord “Do you want me to speak to her?  What do you want me to say?”   He, in return, speaks to my spirit and tells me what to do.   The outcome is left in His hands, but most the time my adventures with God are like this one, it leads to one less frown in the world and me and God rejoicing together. 

 While in the emergency room one evening, with my grandmother, I was praying and asking God to use me.  My grandmother was off for some testing so I was alone in the room.   I was standing in the doorway looking out at the hustle and bustle of the doctors and nurses as they attended to their patients.   Over in the corner, stacking the gauze, towels and other supplies, was a volunteer.  She looked tired and worn.  The Lord spoke to my heart and encouraged me to speak to her. 
“The doctors and nurses would be lost without you” I began the conversation.   She looked at me with confusion.  I repeated what I said.  “The doctors and nurses would be lost without you”.  She gave me a shy smile.  Over the course of our short conversation I learned that she volunteered a few nights a week after her day job.   I told her how much we appreciated the volunteers at the hospital and that they “were the glue that held the emergency room together.”   She chuckled and began to smile.  Her final words to me before she had to leave were, “Thank you for talking to me, you are the first person who has talked to me all day.  I was so very sad and angry, I felt like my life did not matter.  I was going to go home and just cry.  You have made me so happy, Thank you again.”   
Who would have known?  There were so many people In the emergency room that evening and God chose that one.   Hallelujah to our Savior.
 I praised God for the opportunity to be used by Him to show someone the love of Christ.   I always look for opportunities like this.   I am on an adventure with God to touch as many hearts as possible, to be used to change lives with His love and the knowledge of His word.  There are others who have left the path of the expected to adventure with the Almighty. The Apostle Paul, Polycarp (Bishop of Smyrna), and Jim Elliot(missionary to Auca Indians); just to name a few. 

 They changed the lives of many by stepping off the road of mediocrity.  I encourage you to read about them if you have not done so already.

   Are you a rebel at heart?  Do you want to put aside the list of ordinary Christian expectations? Do you want to see God in everything? 
Listen to His voice; He is calling you out of mediocrity.
Chose now to make the mundane a marvelous adventure with your God!  

copyright 2015 Cherrilynn Bisbano

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